My name is Ariel Baleli 36 years old married to the most beautiful woman and very proud father to most amazing 3 years old daughter. life changed the minute both of them came into my life. I am very lucky man and grateful to have them in my life i do what i do for them to be able to provide them the best life i can possibly give them.

I was born and raised in Israel lived all my young life in Israel when I was 16 years old I joined to the Israeli Air force school. where I was raised and trained to be the man i am now. I received my identity and figure who I am and what I want to be. Age 18 I joined the special Airforce program to start my military career that was just the beginning. I wanted to do something that will count and to be part of the Israeli community and Airforce family. After 8 months in training, schooling. i went to boot camp like everyone else just that i had my few years of training before Bootcamp was another day in the park.

After this training, they sent me to my mother base, there I kept the training and school every day, my professional journey began. I loved my work and was really happy that I manage to be in that specific team that was 24/7 around the clock. Top of the line and exactly where I wanted to be. My dream was very close and I did it! My first dream was my reality!

In my private life, I was and still am very friendly and social person with everyone around me.  I liked to ride motorcycles, surf, travel and be with my family.

Age of 23 i came to united states, El Cerrito was my first destination, i came because i heard about Burning-man, i was D.J and wanted to be there and hear the music see the people and have a new experience. I immediately fall in love with California it was a big change for me from Israel to California i  can even explain in words, but something happened i meet a wonderful woman who became my wife and now it was natural for me to stay, I then went to San Diego, CA. After 1 year in SF area, i was missing the sea, surf, etc. I then joined my uncle business in construction i was 24 years old when i start my professional construction journey, i always worked when i was younger with my father at his business in Israel but never took it as my job, work, what i want to do. In San Diego was amazing i learn how to manage business, construction experience from someone who did this all his life who is very successful. After a couple of years, i was ready to come back to SF area. I then decided to open my own business and do it myself, with very hard work i managed to do it. Was not easy to work in construction by myself but i did it. Went to school for Home inspector, construction school, asbestos school, and many more courses i took to educate myself.


I always loved computers so during my service at Airforce i learned computer science i love learning new things so i learned a lot about many things in the past years. 

  1. General Construction
  2. Construction Law
  3. Home Inspector 
  4. 3D rendering
  5. Asbestos Supervisor contractor
  6. Foundation Retrofit expert
  7. Earthquake Brace and Bolt Expert
  8. Certified Energy Expert (insulation & energy expert)
  9. Gaf Expert contractor
  10. EPA Renovator
  11. Access Control system/Locksmith
  12. CCTV
  13. Smart homes
  14. NLP (Practitioner / master) Communication Expert
  15. Read and lead (management course)
  16. Computers 
  17. Graphic Design (photoshop, illustrator, etc.)
  18. Architect Software
  19. Project Managment 
  20. Kitchen Design Software

I am learning every day many things and love every moment of it. I decided to go and do what I love the most and this is design and built, I love working with people and the best profession I could think that I can create new things for people is construction. Doing what i love is a gift life gave me.

I meet new people every day I listen to what they want to do what is their dreams and I find ways to build it for them I consider myself on of the best individual to work in the industry I am not perfect but I am a man with vision ability to manage complex project with millions of elements and still make sure it’s delivered on time with high customer service and highest quality client can dream of.

I am good at what I do because I love it!

I can go and go talk about myself but i think that you get the point, with me manage your project you will get the highest communication where i think is the key to the successful project, Attention to the small details, my undivided attention, and personal experience.

Ariel Baleli

Ariel Baleli


  • Ariel Baleli
    Project Manager | Everlast Construction
  • Office:  (925) 334-7600 Ext 101

    Address: 1941 Oak Park Blvd #70
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
  • License #: 986126