Here are 6 tips to help keep your pet safe during a remodel:

Remove or elevate all electrical wires.

Secure loose or wobbly items. If cats love to brush against walls and table legs, they will be sure to love the opportunity to rub up against construction materials. Because they can’t tell the difference between a table and a loose stack of plywood, just imagine what might happen to anything that isn’t stable and secure.

Stay aware of open doorways and windows.

Renovations of all sorts will inevitably result in open doors while workers move in and out, particularly with projects that involve replacing windows and doors or working on outside walls. Be mindful of this and make sure your pets don’t have the chance to wander out. Small hazardous items may get left on the floor and cut tender paws, like nails, staples, tacks, and anything sharp.

Respect the remodeling employees space and time.

Leaving pets alone with builders isn’t a wise idea. Any contractors or workers in your house will be concentrating on the quality of their job and keeping themselves and their co-workers safe. They are not in a position. Worse, if you wind up with a spooked puppy, you can be sued if he bites them.

Consider boarding your critters.

If you expect workers to be moving through the backyard at any stage, Fido ought to be tied up as well as fenced. If you like the concept of pet sitting as opposed to boarding, check out to discover a local pet sitter. If none of these are an option for you, consider asking a trusted family member or friend to let your pet stay over when the employees are present.

Keep the family informed.

Let all family members understand that it is their shared responsibility to look out for the safety of your pets. Consider having a conversation with your workers to let them know that there are pets in the house and that they need to faithfully clean all work areas at the end of every day and stabilize all loose items.

Not a Contractor responsibility to keep your pet safe it could be hard and even impossible. Don’t expect your contractor to do his work and keep your pet safe. Average crew open entrance door around 10-15 times in a single day. Always make sure your pet is safe and don’t have the ability to exit the front door. Use pet gates it’s the best solution to do so.

Everlast Construction would love to hear from you about your remodeling dreams, so contact us now so we can discuss a few ideas to make those dreams a reality. You’ll have plenty to consider while you prepare for a remodeling project. Hiring contractors, making important design decisions, and being realistic about your budget is enough to fill up your time as it is, so making sure that your pets are safe and cared for should be taken care of prior to any projects begin.